Zik —Coordinator /Teaching Artist

Testimonial from class:

“One student especially looked like he was going to be hard to reach at first. I told him a piece of advice one of the Teachers- Konqueror gave me. “Dance is in everyone, but it’s not for everyone.” As a kid we didn’t care where we were, who was around or what they said. If we heard some music coming on we just did whatever felt right, felt natural. But as we get older we build walls up mentally. We become more conscious of how we are in our everyday society. Worried about what the next person may think or say, we limit ourselves. In life there’s going to be things that we may not want to do, but have to. We don’t know the outcome of it, but if we give it a try and let go of what people say, because they’re always going to talk, we will evolve into something much more” — Zik


“This Flex Program is lit. My favorite part is bonebreaking and I learned the wave”

-D Hall Student


Singen- Teaching Artist:

“I ran into a kid today on the train that I was teaching while he was locked up… He is out now & we got to talk real quick. Said he was staying out of trouble & getting enrolled into college. Said that our classes (flex dance program) made his stay at Horizons a lot less stressful. Told him to stay out of trouble & to contact me if he ever needs anything…. Man that felt good to see him enjoying his freedom & staying out of trouble. Great feeling” -Singen.

“The Student had a very hard time in court, and is dealing with a very complicated case. He said that the only thing that helped him deal with the negativity was the Flex Program sessions” – Miss Yshanda Springer (Director of Programs Crossroads Juvenile Detention Center)

“The program helped me with my dancing skills and my coping skills. And it also reminds me that I’m multi-talented” – Student Crossroads

“What I liked about the program is being able to just be free and dance” – Student Crossroads

“I like the music in the program, and working with other residents. I would attend an outside program” – Student Crossroads 

“I have never seen my grandson dance like that before. It made me very proud” -Grandmother at Family Day Event.

“The Flex program should come more often”- Student Crossroads


Jeezy Dread- Head Teaching Artist:

“First I let the music move me then I move the music” 

“We have been teaching each other and others in the community for so long, we decided to take it to another level. That’s why we’re here today. The Flex Program provides a new way to communicate and evolve as a person through Flex-Dance. We have provided flex dance to incarcerated youth for over a year now. We communicate with the kids very well because we aren’t too far from them. We relate with them. Flex changed our lives so we want it to do the same for others.

Next time, when you see children hanging around with nothing to do. You will know that there is a program that will forever change what kids and young adults will do with their time, that program is called: Flex Dance Program” – Jeezy.

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